Waxoil and Undersealing

Many Alfa Romeos are poorly undersealed from factory which can lead to premature corrosion of the rear floor pans and sills (these are the most commonly affected areas). If left untreated for too long it can lead to excessive corrosion and MOT failure. At this point the only option is to weld the affected areas which can be time consuming and expensive depending on the extent of the corrosion and this is why we offer this service as prevention which is far better than cure as it helps protect the underside and the sills if caught early enough and it is far cheaper than welding.

Prices start from £150 inc VAT and most the time this is all that is required and then it can be checked every service. If there is some light corrosion that has already set in it may require more time to clean up and protect the affected areas with rust killer and then underseal. We can assess, advise and quote accordingly if required.