We fit all manner of performance exhausts and can order in any system that you require and can often save you £££’s on the retail prices of various exhaust systems so if you are after a particular system please enquire. We strongly recommend the Wizard exhaust systems and products due to their superior quality and unmistakeable sound. They are an absolute work of art and almost too nice to fit to your vehicle! Wizard Exhausts was co-founded by Autolusso's very own Dan Cunningham so they really are a bespoke system designed and developed for Alfa Romeos.

We fit a lot of the Wizard manifolds to the GTA / GTV V6 engines which not only adds power and a fabulous soundtrack but also and helps with heat dissipation from the rear bank which can lead to burnt out exhaust valves and head gasket issues. Please enquire about any system you may be interested in and we can also discuss what ‘sound’ you are looking for as everyone has different tastes / requirements.