Powerflex Polyurethane Suspension Bushes


156/147/GT Anti Roll Bar

These are a common culprit for ‘knocking’ once worn out and generally last around 50,000 miles in standard form. We offer a complete powerflex (which will last 10 times longer than the standard Alfa Romeo part) of your existing anti roll bar for £320 inc VAT, including 2 new drop links, the same cost as a standard Alfa Romeo replacement anti roll bar.


GTV Rear Suspension

We fit these to the rear suspension set up on the Alfa Romeo GTV, all engine sizes. The GTV has 4 independent suspension arms attached to the rear subframe and these arms are rubber bushed and / or rose jointed and are often worn out. Alfa Romeo charge over £200 for one arm and over £350 for one spring pan! So a complete rebuild could cost over £1000 in parts alone which is ridiculous.

Worn out arms lead to MOT failures, uneven tyre wear and poor handling.

We powerflex all of the suspension arms and the total cost including the bushes and labour comes to only £650.00 inc VAT and will outlast the standard items by 10 fold, so you never need worry about it again. We can offer painting of all the rear arms and spring pans which helps protect against future corrosion and looks fabulous too – only an additional £195.00. 4 wheel alignments are advised after fitting and this can be done in house on our Snap-On 3D Wheel Alignment Machine - £102.


159 / Brera / Spider

The 159's and Breras are fitted with rubber bushes which need to be replaced periodically. The original arms and bushes can be expensive and these bushes are incredibly soft which mean even after fitting new bushes that the steering never stays correct, this is why we decided to work with Powerflex to finally get this problem sorted.

The single best modification you can do to your 159 / Brera is powerflex the lower arm bushes - it really makes that much difference! Supplied and fitted this is only £417.00 (4WD - £450) inc VAT.

We also powerflex the rear trailing and transverse arms and again this transforms the handling of your 159 / Brera. Supplied and fitted £585.00 inc VAT.

4 wheel alignment is strongly advised afterwards and we have pout own specs to help with inside tyre wear. This is £102 inc VAT.